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We Provide The Following Services

  • General Cleaning / One time job

  • Marble Polishing & Buffing

  • Computer Cleaning

  • Garden Maintenance

  • All kinds of Labour work


  • HK Staff deputed will be disciplined, reliable, trained well groomed and properly uniformed.
  • Personnel with identity cards maintaining high quality standard Of your office
  • In case of absenteeism, back –up/ reliever will be placed with due notice to the Office.
  • Staff will be working for 8 hrs as per shift schedule.6 days a week.

Daily Services

  • Dusting the cabins, table tops, Panels, Furniture, etc. & the overall cleaning of Specified area.
  • Cleaning the doors & window glasses from inner side where accessible.
  • Sweeping and Mopping of the floor i.e. dry and wet cleaning of the uncarpeted area and vacuum cleaning the carpeted area.
  • Removing stains from table tops, partitions & walls (where possible to wash)
  • Cleaning the main & rear entrance, stairways, Fire exits & other common area.
  • Cleaning the toilet throughout the working hours of the office.
  • Clearing the waste from the dustbins as and when needed or after office hours.
  • Keeping the premises neat, clean & hygienic by using the eco-friendly material.
  • Performing spotting of stains from tables, Chairs & carpet where ever possible.

Spring Cleaning Services Weekends / holidays

  • Cleaning the A/C Flaps, Shelves, Computers, Fax, Telephone, Photocopiers and Artifacts if any with Eco-Friendly cleaning solution.
  • Polish the brass / steel knobs and panel strips. Completely clean the movable furniture. Provide disinfectant treatment of toilets, water closets and wash basins.


An experienced Housekeeping Supervisor will be deputed per shift. This can be done with your consent that will carry out the following duties :

  • Will plan and allocate the various activities of housekeeping services to the staff.
  • HK Staff will be briefed about the work on day to day basis & as per priorities.
  • All the complaints / suggestions of your officials will attend by the supervisor.
  • He will report and accelerate about any major issues arising to the higher Authorities.
  • He will check the check list and will maintain the record
  • Maintaining daily job performed report.
  • Director and Managers will visit to your company once’s in a week and will check all the activities and take feedback, comment from client as well as from workers.

Pantry Boy

  1. Wash, Cup, plates, spoon, Knife, all crockery items and chop foods according to requirements.
  2. Serving Water, tea, coffee, juice, lunch, Snacks, Dinner.
  3. Understand simple mathematical calculations in order to follow service.
  4. Learn to run certain electrical kitchen equipment in a safe and sanitary fashion.
  5. Doing clearance after serving water, tea, coffee, juice.
  6. Wash and clean all utensils, preparation equipment and pantry area in accordance with industry standards for proper pantry sanitation.
  7. Making arrangement of conference room, meeting rooms, etc.
  8. Attending visitor, and serving them as per there requirement.
  9. Operates pantry utensils and/or equipment used for weighing, Measuring, mixing, washing, cutting, grinding, stirring, straining, slicing, assembling and kneading of food products.
  10. Receives and inventories food and beverage product and supplies.
  11. Cleans and sanitizes work station and equipment.
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